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O  O  O   These buttons where images like  "some tries for other things that didn´t come out right" or "the things that other designs left" or "the left what  the other desings didn´t come out prrrrhuggg,  or the....

Anyway, i like them and maybe you too, so if you are thinking in put some link from your page to typo 5 maybe you can use them if they fit in your layout.

O  O  O right click on the images and save them in your hard disk or whatever O  O  O








O 1 Obutton1.gif (13736 bytes)OO




O 2 Obutton2.gif (18461 bytes)





O 3 Obutton4.gif (1566 bytes)OO




O 2.5 Obutton3.gif (13405 bytes)OO



                O   O  O  sixtythree coming soon  O  O  O

                  come often, you´ll see


b  a  c  k

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