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One of the purposes of [typo5] is create this new section. A gallery with quality artwork from cool designers out there. Hopefuly it will be not only a way to show quality work, but an exchange of art, toughts, and influences trought the designs. Actually the gallery is still under construction, but will be up very soon.

You can participate with a design, a font yours, photography, etc.  The work does not need to be made just for the gallery, you can participate qith a piece you already have or create a new one, if you like.  The topic: its completely freedom.   It can be at any format (font, graphic, whatever)  and the max size is 640x480. It just have to be good. There´s no rules.

However, you will need to send some information:

What software did you use??

Wich is your plattaform (mac o pc) ???

your country

A short description of the work.--your own interpretation of something (for example).


Please think about it, the succes of the gallery not depends of me. Artworks are needed.



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