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There´s been only four days and the site has been updated.  The preview of three money fonts [bnd, Chato Band and Luke] its available for you to see. I know its no big deal, but at least you can see whats coming next.  Soon you will be able to order this fonts or maybe download some kind of free version to trial.



The site is gonna be updated soon. An advice image has been upload to the page. wait a little... it will worth.



site updated. New and improved! (¿?) New images and better look.  There is new free fonts, new money fonts (some still in progress), mac fonts (of course) and a order online system (finally). You will be able to order the fonts trought very soon. There is a new section, a gallery open to designer and cool people out there who wants to contribute. To know how click here. Hopefully there will new designers soon.




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