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photo.gif (1177 bytes)    O  O   O  To order any font you must send check or money  to AA 80941  from Santafé de Bogotá,  Colombia , and as soon as the money arrive , i´ll send you what you ask for.  You must include your  e-mail adress  and specify the plattaform (mc or pc) and i´ll send your request via e-mail inmediatly. O  O  O If you wanna get the fonts in a disk and an extra font you have to include your adress plus $6 dollars.

Maybe this isn´t the fastest way to order, but i´m trying to make possible a credit card  system to order on line, or something like that, to get the fonts inmediatly  but at the moment  this is how it´s works. O  O  O  O


                                                O   { traducción al español } O



b  a  c  k          h  o  m  e           f  o   n  t  s

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