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v  i  t  a  l    i  n  f   o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n

age: 19

name: germán andrés olaya

born in: Colombia


O  O   O  O actually i´m  studying graphic design  on  the Jorge Tadeo Lozano university, and i like what i do very much. i really enjoy it.  But i like other things like sports, movies, listen music (molotov, lenny kravitz, eric clapton, bla,bla,bla..

As i enjoy what i do, i  like to spend time on it   (it relax me)  and trying to learn more. Even so, here isn´t easy to do that. There is not many good books about it [and many people don´t understand the fact that design isn´t stay the same forever. It has evolution, i think. After a few years, decades or whatever it get bored, and evolucionate again]. So, i try to learn and realase of some things watching the world out there, talking with other designers, friends, web, etc.

I have found people on the web that has awesome work. people that has influenced me in some way, that is fact i can´t denial. But i think its logic. I can´t pretend that i´ve started from zero , (you can´t pretend re-invent the wheel every day). But also, you can´t  take the imagination, inspiration, work and toughts from other people and put your name below like if the work was yours. An influence is not a reason to impair your work,(taking in count what i explained above). Depend of you to develop your own style. Step by step. You will be gettin focus on it with the time.


If you have any questions, comments, feel the same about design, or the opposite, or wanna talk about something, feel free to send an e-mail to



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