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You can order the fonts basically in two ways:


1. Order online trought (wich is fast and secure)  -not ready-

2. Send check or money to

Colombia---- to:  A.A. 80941 from Colombia    [thats ALL you need to know. If you send a check here  please make the order payable to Germán Olaya]

U.S.A--------- to: 1508 E. Robinson St.   Orlando Florida  32801  U.S.A.   [If you send a check here please make the order payable to Fabiola B. Clifton]


Just choose wich address is closer to you. As soon as the money arrive you will get the fonts via e-mail. If you cannot support attachments, you will receive a URL to download the fonts you bought. Please describe your request: especify the fonts, of course, and the plattaform (mac or pc). Don´t forget to include your e-mail.



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